Toilet Paper The Game

A silly and casual game called Toilet Paper The Game is the best choice for both workers and children to have their relaxing moments with the simple rule, good graphic design, smooth controlling keys, and for free! The game has many different levels with different shapes for exploring. The rule in this Gogy arcade game is very simple as the players will try to unleash all the toilet paper rolls from the designated shapes of the levels.

For example, you have to rotate the shape of a car, a tree, an animal to make sure that all the paper inside can fall out of it. Once they are all out, you can progress to the next stage with a different frame. At the first few levels, since the frame are wide and there are no corners or bars to prevent the paper from falling out, passing the stages is a piece of cake.

However, once you experience the tough frame with many bars, holes, and edges inside, you will have to rotate more carefully and choose a more creative way to win. The game brings a soothing and satisfying feeling of being able to successfully pour out all the content of the frame and fill up another one. Different objects require different rotating techniques, so do your best to think of the way to unleash the crammed paper toilets inside.

As silly as the game sounds, getting your name on the Leaderboard will be quite a challenge as many good players are visiting to enjoy this hilarious game. Enhance and sharpen your skills to find out which rank you can get and how many levels you can unlock right now! Other games like Hidden Objects Superthief and Heist Run might also be your cup of tea as they have similar fun gameplay and high-quality design. 

Instruction to play:

Drag the mouse or touch the screen to rotate.