Tangram Match Masters

If you are looking for a new version of puzzle games but with more challenges or harder quests to make it thrilling, this game of Tangram Match Masters from Gogy land will easily be the suitable option for your playtime today! Enjoy the colorful theme of different boards filled with tangram pieces. Your job is to make sure that each tangram is filled correctly with the required pieces as shown on the screen.

There will be a right-handed panel that shows the statistics such as the time remaining, the gained scores, and the example of tangram for you to follow. The top bar of the screen will be the time bar to signify how many seconds you have left. Not only is it a new kind of tangram game but it's also a new mix between a classic puzzle and the new theme of tangram.

Embedded into the game is a fun theme with new twists for you to explore. In order to clear all the tangram boards, make sure to fill in the shape with the right blocks. The players are required to make the border of the blocks fit with the adjacent blocks as well.

This will be more than a simple puzzle game with more than 25 packs, each has its unique theme. A total of 2000 levels are available at https://gogy.games/ to challenge your ultimate matching and puzzling skills! Keep the progress going for as long as possible and don't forget to share the fun with some other friends of yours. We provide a daily updated list of games with some famous options such as Fun Fishing for you to explore anytime you have an internet connection!

Instruction to play:

Click on the block using the left button and drag to move it.