Penalty Champs 21

Two prominent tasks for players who enjoy one or multiple good games of football in this game called Penalty Champs 21 will be the tasks of shooting and goalkeeping. In order to master both, practice with your teams and tackle the field as soon as possible! This new Gogy sports game allows kids of all ages to hit the field after handpicking their favorite football team from a long list of European national teams.

Select one with suitable strengths and weaknesses so that your style of playing can shine through. It's a combination of penalty shootout game and goal guarding game, all together in a 2D graphic gameplay and high-quality character designs. As there are two goals to meet in the same game, you will be required to switch back and forth between aiming, scoring, adjusting the power and direction as well as goalkeeping. The most crucial part will be the penalty shoot-out, therefore, focus on that last task and conquer the game!

It's the chance for you to take over the tasks of goalkeeping and shooting to bring victory to your home team in this intense match of soccer without any worry of interruption or costs on our website of! Three elements that you need to adjust to shooting precisely are the position, height, and strength using the three parameters on the screen. As for goalkeeping, simply pick the most perfect timing to click on the target after your opponent strikes for a shot. In this latter task, the highlight is to select the best timing to hit the mark and block the shoot.

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Instruction to play:

Click to aim, shoot and secure the goal!