Big Blocks Battle

The game of Big Blocks Battle will require some carefulness in the work of shooting the blocks as it's a combination of mind-wrecking puzzles and interactive gameplay. The players will need to get rid of the blue blocks with the work of launching balls at them. However, keep in mind that you shouldn't knock down the green blocks on the screen.

For each level, you need to score just enough points so that the next stage can be unlocked. Are you ready to showcase your logical thinking, solutions, and action in this Gogy ball game? In total, your experience shall change and vary with these 35 levels as the layout and the requirement of each stage is different. The overall objective shall be to achieve targeted scores to get to the next level.

You can keep track of the scores using the color scheme on the board, as the red numbers are the score required for a medal. First, move the cursor to the launcher zones and pick the corner that is most suitable for your direction and force. Each shot with a ball shall cost some points, so don't shoot freely and calculate before hitting any button!  

Moreover, it's a game focusing on the precision and the aiming techniques of the players, which means that the best shooters shall be able to shine in this genre. Only by shooting down the blue blocks can you get more points and claim the top title of the best players in this game from! If you want to spice things up and practice a bit more with your shooting technique, don't hesitate to come and make your marks on other cool games like Canoniac Launcher later!

Instruction to play:

Click and hover the mouse cursor to choose the direction and the force. Lift the mouse to release and shoot.