Love Balls

Did you know that two balls appeared on the screen need to come together in the game Love Balls at gogygames? However, they cannot move by themselves. Players need to draw different paths to push the blue ball to the edge of the pink ball and they will meet each other. There are many different drawings and drawings players choose to participate in the level of this game.

Obstacles will also appear in the game, causing the player to find the most accurate way to move the green ball away from the center. If it moves off another location and exits the screen, the game will end immediately. Different ways of playing will help you to experience this game in the best way. jogos gogy select this game for all players of different ages. You not only create different moves for the ball but also create your own way to win with the highest score through the level.

Surely the basic gameplay tips will help you pass the first level easily. You can also choose your friends' help or share the game with them so everyone can discuss a fun and interesting game. keep up to date with the latest games at the site so that players have the opportunity to participate in their free time and conquer all levels without any obstacle. or any difficulty.

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Instruction to play:

Draw different paths between two balls to move the blue ball to the pink ball