Impulse is a strange game of interaction from Gogy 2021 online in which your ability to estimate, control the pace, and hit the cube correctly will be put to test. Not only will you need to get used to the physics side of this game but you also need to adapt quickly to the basics of it. The goal is to be successful in throwing the cube on the platform. You will see an item that is like a seesaw.

What you are going to do is control the size of the weight dropped on the other side of the seesaw. The bigger the weight, the more force it will bounce on it. Base on each level's requirement, estimate and choose the suitable size for the most suitable force for each turn. Thanks to the cute graphics, enjoying the trip with these great difficulties will be much more interesting.

The little cube will stay on one side of the platform until when you start dropping the weight. Feel free to take the time to estimate the distance and choose the size wisely. In order to apply a boost that is just enough, it's crucial to know how much force will make it collide with thorns. The thorns and spiky things are right above the benchmark.

The higher the level, you will find that the gap will decrease. The estimation will not be an easy task, therefore, we recommend that you replay the game many times to get a grip on the basics and mechanism of the players! Other free games such as Zball 4 Halloween at the website of gogy for kids will be good choices for you to dive into and spend your free time, so hit them up!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Tap, touch or use the mouse cursor to create pressure to the platform. Hold the left mouse button to increase the size.