Thunder Plane

The bad weather is getting worse and the storm is unpredictable, but you can take it to your advantage in the battle against other aircraft in Thunder Plane! As it's a shooting and aiming game from Gogy online, your first and foremost task is to locate, define your targets, and take them down. Do it quickly and without any hesitation because if you do, your enemies will not hesitate to shoot back. Prepare your gear, equipment, and airplane as the squad has entered your air territories with the goal of achieving control from above.

Don't let them get into your base and try to survive for as long as possible since your country needs you! A large number of enemies is one disadvantage, but the bad weather is another thing that you need to worry about. Use the rain and thunder to your advantage or let them make you lose, it's up to you! The visibility will be reduced in this type of weather, so use your limited heath scores properly. Your HP will be reduced if your airplane is damaged or shot at.

The moment that your health bar reaches zero, your turn is over. A tip is to move wildly and switch direction, move up and down furiously to disguise and confuse your enemy to get away from the ambush. A good strategy will keep you alive for a very long time instead of just diving straight into the crowd of enemies, so be wise and creative!

The game is available for all kids and it's so easy to control that even new-comers can enjoy it. Let yourself have some fun with more choices from our exclusive collection such as Drag Racing Rivals or Rage Road

Instruction to play:

Shoot by clicking the mouse or spacebar, press up/down arrow keys to move toward that direction.