Kitty Blocks

Don't hesitate to check out this Tetris-like game of Kitty Blocks from the collection at Gogy 2020 where you can dive into a game of hide-and-seek to search for the remaining kitty. There are 8 of 9 cats that are in hiding. Your job is to drop the blocks on the grid and stack them at the bottom of the game board. Once you can fulfill the columns and the rows inside the board, the connected ones will automatically clear out to leave space for more blocks.

The rules resemble the rules of Tetris, one classic game with the same gameplay of arranging blocks. But instead of arranging the blocks falling from the top, the players will arrange given blocks inside a square grid. You will not have to wait for blocks to show up one by one and you can use all the pieces when you want to. One level will end when you fill all the blank space and leave no hole inside the grid.

The statistics and progress will be shown at the top left side of the screen for your tracking. Keep track of the percentage to know when a new cat is unlocked! Can you capture all the cats, ranging from Pumpkin, Cake, Sleepy, Pixie, Mya, Snotty, Leery, and even Tabby? It's best to come up with a strategy instead of placing the blocks randomly, but you will have to just wing it during difficult situations.

Also, once you place the piece, there's no chance of changing it. Leave the necessary space for new blocks and think of what can fit the blank later to make sure that there's no misfit. Take your arranging skills up a notch with more games like Color Magnets from Gogy's collection at

Instruction to play:

Pick and control the blocks using the left mouse button.