Piggy On The Run

How long will it take for you to help the little piggy get out of this hidden forest in Gogy games? Your next journey will be set in the game of Piggy On The Run in which the main goal is to overcome all levels alongside the piggy. There will be tons of obstacles, scary monsters, and pop-up items that prevent the naive piggy from reaching the destination of each stage.

We need guidance to help get him ready for the adventure and conquer the jungle. If you want to dominate this arcade single-screen sliding game, you need to constantly watch out for enemies that are showing up on the right side of the screen and steer clear of the obstacles. Some possible obstacles are the sharp blades, scary wheels, holes, high blocks, and random monsters showing up.

The jungle is never a peaceful place, so this game will test your flexibility when dealing with the unexpected, your focus when moving up higher levels, and your talents in finding out creative solutions! In this game from https://gogy.games/, we make sure that the top players get their names and scores shown on a record board so that you can have something to aim for. Will you be able to defeat the current highest rank?

\By enduring the long journey with the highest focus, we guarantee that you will be able to have a blast overcoming different versions of challenges! Would you like to invite some more friends and enjoy a long list of free games with some examples like  Panda Escape With Piggy? All of them will be available for free of course, therefore, spare some time for the fun and thrilling gaming sessions!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use A and D to move to the left and right, W to jump, and double-tap to double jump.