Alien Robot Warrior Hidden

Alien Robot Warrior Hidden is a rare combination of memory and monster truck games putting together to create a unique gaming selection at Gogy 2020 online. Enjoy the game with the most powerful figures of alien robots while finding the golden stars hidden in the pictures. Search all nook and cranny for them because these stars are transparent. They will turn into golden stars once you click on them.

It will not be easy to spot these since the background of most pictures are white and so are the details. As the stars blend into the scenery, you need to observe it hard to be able to distinguish them. Also, be quick to clear each stage due to the limited time range.

There is only 1 minute available per level, so don't waste any time and start observing the moment the level starts. If you fail to clear all 10 stars per stage, you can start over again to claim a new record. All in all, this game at will train your observation skills, finding skills and the time-controlling technique.

Start the exploration to learn the name of all these new robots and learn their structure by heart right now! If you are a big fan of robots assembling and similar genres, don't miss out on some good choices like Bus Surfers and Kill The Coronavirus.

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the hidden stars to collect them.