Wall Of Box

Wall Of Box is one of the famous games from Gogy 2022 free games with the main theme similar to a Japanese show. Kids of all ages can participate in this game against players from all around the world with a different range of skills. The main theme of this game focuses on climbing this wall of cubes and fighting to gain a spot on it. You and 3 other players will join the same server for a match and the four players shall find themselves on a wall of cubes with different colors.

Each player needs to pick his or her unique obstacle from the list. Also, select your number to unlock the requirements as well as the obstacles. Do whatever it takes to stay on the top of your wall from the beginning to the very end of the game, regardless of the other players' positions. In order to conquer the level, the winner needs to stay on the wall last without falling.

Up to four people can share the fun of this game on the same computer, or have fun exploring the game with more players from the internet. Make sure to tap on the number buttons to select an obstacle that suits your taste and experience with this type of arcade infused with io games.

Thanks to the colorful graphics and elaborated storyline, this game has slowly gained attention from all kinds of players at https://gogy.games/, so take the time to explore it yourself! Not only will you get to explore fast-paced and thrilling gameplay but you can also enhance your flexibility and quick reflexes when it comes to stimulating genre. Similar games like The Smurfs Village Cleaning can also spice up your gaming time, or feel free to explore the new genres such as Ikki Samurai Jump!

Instruction to play:

Click to play and interact.