Bus Surfers

Who knows running away from the teachers can be so hard? Join this running game of Bus Surfers from the collection of Gogy online to channel the runner inside your vein and figure out how far you can run! As a disobedient student, you sneaked out of the classroom without the teacher's consent, and now she is chasing you down! Don't let her get to your place or else you will be punished!

This game has the same gameplay as the popular running games, but more elaborated running tracks, great graphics, and more bonuses on the way. As you run on the road with three lanes, make sure to switch the lanes in time to avoid crashing or being crashed by bikes, cars, buses, blocks, barriers and more obstacles. They will pop up so fast that you need great reflex to dodge them skillfully.

The more coins that you manage to suck, the more boosters and additional items you can purchase. For example, the magnet for extra coins, 2x the score, the shield for protection, jumper, and so many more. Finishing the journey will be easier if you can take advantage of these tools wisely.

Before their effects run out, dash through the lanes quickly! Keep yourself up for more challenges that require more energy in other running games like Crashy Cat and Gummy Blocks from http://gogy.games/. Run fast and keep focus to be the first to conquer any track that comes to mind! 

Instruction to play:

Change the lanes using the left and right arrows.