Gleeful Guinea Pig Escape

To save the guinea pig from a locked house is your main task in this Gogy puzzle game of Gleeful Guinea Pig Escape. It might sound simple, but the complicated layout of the room and the strange doors, as well as obstacles, will make it much more difficult to conquer. However, this game remains one of the best choices if you are looking for a game of fun to enhance your logic and brainstorm a little bit.

There is no cost to joining this game, so gather some friends and figure out the escape route together. The person who manages to escape within the shortest time frame will be the one to win the game and get the highest ranking on the Leaderboard at Gogy online. Your brain and intelligence will play crucial roles in this game. Figure out which door to unlock and which route to follow to escape the locked room. The puzzles are in different forms and come with different logic, therefore, you will have to search every nook and cranny to find and collect every clue possible.

Make sure to dig up everything and not miss out on anything that might help you solve the problem. A lot of the puzzles are linked together somehow, which means that only by finishing the previous puzzles can you finish the next ones. Be creative with the way to solve the puzzles and you might even speed up your record. Other than escaping the room, if you can figure out the secrets that are hidden, extra points will be granted.

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Instruction to play:

Choose, interact, and collect clues using the left button.