Kill The Coronavirus

In Kill The Coronavirus, you will join forces with players all around the world to take down this Coronavirus in the virtual world of Gogy free games. There are tons of viruses flowing around the map and they are threatening every country around the world. As the number of infected is increasing daily, you can do your best by staying at home and enjoy this game online.

This is one of the most loved gaming selection during this outbreak of coronavirus since you can enjoy it online and for free! It's high time you killed all those floating viruses using the syringe containing the vaccine. Be quick or else they will infect more and more people and there will be no chance of stopping them. Throw these injections straight to the virus and you will kill them on the spot.

The more precise moves you make, the faster you can win this game of survival. However, don't let the next injection touches the previous ones because it will make the vaccine overflow. The virus will not standstill. It keeps on rotating and moving to make the task of aiming much harder, therefore, do your best to focus on the viruses.

Will you be the hero at and free the world from the attack of this virus? Defeat more enemies in other shooting and fighting games like Gummy Blocks and Bus Surfers

Instruction to play:

Throw the syringes using the left mouse.