Ducky Duckie

The ducks are lining up to prepare and get ready to reach the bathtub. You will be their helper to make sure that most ducks can go to the bathtub safely. Tons of flaming fire and dangerous threats are waiting for them at the bottom of the screen if they fail to jump toward the pipe. The pipe automatically sucks any duck that manages to approach under it, therefore, your sole mission in this game from Gogy arcade games is to control the platform.

The platform is a large bar that plays the role of helping the ducks bounce up again and reach closer to the sucking pipeline. If you fail to place the platform in the right position or fail to move it according to the stream of flowing ducks, many will fall down the flaming tub! There will be a count-down board at the left corner of the screen that shows the remaining chance of failing for each turn before your scores are finalized.

Don't forget that the stream of ducks will change, which means that you have to move the platform swiftly and timely to avoid wasting any duck. How many ducks will you be able to bring to the safe zone in this challenging game from If you find it a bit difficult to learn the basics and the controlling setting of the game at first, we have a detailed walkthrough or also called as the tutorial to help you out!

The creators of this fabulous game want it to be easy to enjoy for kids of all ages and even adults can freely have fun with it as well! Continue on the world of unlimited free games such as Dot Rush and Ricocheting Orange for the best time of your life! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the platform to control it.