Pirate Bombs

In order to get Jack some useful bombs and get to the safe destination, you will be Jack's guide in this new game of pirates. The game occurs in many different mazes representing multiple levels of this Gogy online game. You need to maneuver the pirate character who is dressed in a cute blue and white striped tee so that he can survive the dangers that are awaiting him on this adventure.

The water of the ocean is full of green whales who are ruthless and the biggest threats. To stay safe, move quickly along the platform, jump over the gaps and dodge the blocks while trying to get to the exit door before the water level gets too high. Keep in mind that not only will you need to be careful of the whales but you need to collect the scattered bombs as well.

As the water level is constantly rising, you have to collect the bombs before they are wet and make sure that the pirate is not drowning in the rising water level. It's a fast-paced game that requires the players to move swiftly and actively the moment that the next level is on. For boys and girls of all ages, this pixelated design and the best cartoony graphics will be great for a fun time competing with your friends!

Don't forget that if you failed to gather all the bombs, your final record will not be too high, but you can still move onto the next level. Many players have enjoyed this game and shared it with others as their favorite of the newly updated list. Keep exploring the free world of Gogy.games selection in other games like Grand Bank: Robbery Duel

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move the pirate and to jump.