Soccer Free Kick

Soccer Free Kick from Gogy land shall bring up one of the latest gameplay for fans of sports games with intense gameplay and a new challenge. A brand new layout of the field with new requirements and different challenges will be something that you can enjoy anytime available. Would your kicking and moving skills be enough to win the trophy of the game?

First, select your team from the available countries in the game to assemble a team filled with the best soccer players with a variety of skills and strategy. The final purpose of this game is to facing all the obstacles and hurdles while guiding your team to conquer each match. As the opponent's goalkeepers will be the guard and try to keep the goal safe, you will need to draw the ball closer to the gate and choose the perfecting timing for a shot. Will your first goal be a success?

In order to secure the most advantage position and shoot from an accurate soccer direction, you need to constantly explore the field and move to pick a new spot everytime. Feel free to share your unique tips to kick the ball or to keep the ball from all the obstacles popping up! Will you be able to bring the highest scores to your team? This game allows the kids to expand their sport game collection in thí online gaming world with as plenty of new challenges are added daily.

The most crucial point is the direction of movement which leads the ball away from the obstacles or other team's players. The chances to score the penalty or to kick the slide are limited, therefore, do your best during these shots. Explore the wide range of updates and platform for kids to enjoy the most realistic game of soccer with amazing graphics and smooth gameplay online! Save this game and others like Pinball World Cup to your favorite list!

Instruction to play:

Controls: use the mouse to guide the ball.