Erase One Element

DOP: Erase One Part is a game that requires you to solve logic and cunning problems. Solve these tricky riddles by using your wits. Who is the true vampire? What is the position of the thief? What is the best way to save a drowning man? What is the best way to charge my smartphone? All of these tasks, as well as many others, must be completed in our game! But be careful, or the excess will be erased. All of these difficult riddles will help you sharpen your wits.

You should remember to share this interesting game with your friends. Have fun with your friends joining the game right now in the game to train yourself with reflex skill. Enjoy adding to a few other similar games like Green Prickle at gogy 4school. Have fun and good luck!


Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or tap to play.