Rage Road

In Rage Road, nine bullets are all that you have to defeat the approaching enemy who is trying to close in and take you down! This exceptional shooting battle takes place in a place that you can't imagine, which is right on the running cars on the road! If you love a good combination of shooting games and racing features, this Gogy kid game will be your perfect choice for the day-offs enjoyment and for sharing with your friends!

Once your main character hop on the car and the car starts running, the battle begins as the enemies start chasing you. Prepare your gun and hold it tightly to aim at the approaching cars and shooters. Once you feel that the targets are close enough and your aiming frame fits them, pull the trigger, and blow them up! The tip for new players is to take advantage of the red-dotted frame that shows you the direction and the position of shooting. Don't waste any bullet because of the limited number of given bullets.

Don't let them approach your car. In case your ammo runs out before you take down the enemies, your game will be over. Keep gaining boosters and bonuses by paying attention to the floating icons on your journey on this fast-paced car! Due to the movement of cars, sometimes it might be very difficult to aim at the enemies since they drift back and forth to avoid being shot at.

Such an elaborate game will enhance your shooting range and techniques of locating the targets, especially the moving targets, intensively. Don't forget to log in and challenge yourself with more amazing shooting games like Drag Racing Rivals or Merge Ships from the list of games at http://gogy.games/

Instruction to play:

The car moves automatically, click or tap on the screen to shoot at the enemies.