Ojek Pickup

Ojek Pickup takes pick-up games to another level with the new model of motorcycle taxis. The game will require the players to control the vehicles around the 6 different Indonesian cities while completing the tasks one by one. In the role of the main driver of the city's bus line, you will have to guide the Ojek motorcycle and navigate to pick the right way from one checkpoint to another. The goal is to pick up all passengers that are waiting for you and manage to drop them at their required destination.

The layout and the street networks as well as the maps change depending on the city that you choose to explore, therefore, go ahead with all options to get the best time! To pick up the passengers, the path of your Ojek motorcycle rider will have to correctly connect the first checkpoint and the last checkpoint that leads to the destination. It's best to pick up more than one passenger at a time to decrease the wasted time to travel between two checkpoints.

Of course, on higher levels, you will have to deal with more than one Ojek motorcycle and much more complicated routes, therefore, it's also a good chance to test your memorize skills. Make sure that those two Ojek vehicles don't crash into each other to avoid losing scores. Build up the distance and keep on moving with new routes to extend your length of movement. It's also worthy to note that you can build an intersection, as long as the two vehicles don't crash.

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Instruction to play:

Draw and choose the paths using the left mouse cursor.