Sokoban Puzzle

Here at Gogy free game list, not all games with puzzle themes are difficult. It's a similar game to the classic Sokoban theme that you might have come across among the gaming list of puzzling here. Not only will you find this a fun entertainment option but you will also see that it's quite a challenging puzzle game for kids of all ages. The goal is to put all boxes in their blank spaces by pushing them in the direction that you want.

However, keep in mind that you can only follow a few rules that are set in this game. The main character is at your disposal, however, he can only walk or push. There's a limitation on the movements as he will not be able to walk through walls or walk over boxes. No pulling is allowed as the only direction for pushing is forward. If your boxes hit the wall, the game is basically over and you have to restart the level again.

The higher levels you are on, the harder the layout, and more blocks, as well as obstacles, will pop up on the board. Get your hands on this challenging puzzle game, to learn where to put the crates to drop points and gather more for yourself. There are more and more trap lines and dead-ends in the layout once you reach higher platforms, as the difficulty level increases significantly.

Thanks to the simple design with adorable animation, it's a perfect option for sharing with little kids and getting them on a new adventure this holiday season! Come for a bunch of newly added gaming selections with the best rules and most elaborated gameplay here such as Crazy Shooter Of Math or Tile Master Match! All of them are available with a click on our category list of Gogy games!

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to move the character or move using WASD keys.