Zipline Rescue

The new game with minimalist design and simple yet attractive rules like Zipline Rescue from Gogy 2020 games will no doubt grasp your attention and time! Train your brain to think of the fastest and shortest way to match the zipline ends and help the trapped people. As it names, you will rescue some people by installing a zipline. Some people were trapped high above. The only way to get them down safely is with a zipline. Everything goes by simply and easily in the first few levels. But gradually you will feel the difficulty of the puzzles at each level.

There will be a lot of people trapped on some platforms that are high above, therefore, they need your help to create a zipline for rolling down. Safely attach the wires using two ends, one end from the place that they are standing and the other end to the closest anchor. After it's all fixed, you can keep clicking to make the people slide down followed by the zipline. For each time that you click, one person will automatically slide down.

Keep on until you reach the required number as shown on the board near the anchor. The obstacles that might affect your work might be the scissors, the spikes, and so on. If you find the appearance of those things, be careful and look for the safest way to connect the zipline. A well-established zipline will be able to get them through the obstacles without being scratched or hurt. The higher levels offer some different anchors, so pick the most suitable one or combine many to get the result.

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Instruction to play:

Drag the left mouse to attach the zipline and click to make everyone slide down.