Mummy Candies

Halloween may be better with some games related to Halloween to play with family and friends. Have you had any plans for this Halloween yet? If not, just visit Gogy games and find some Halloween-theme games. It’s great to stay at home and have fun with awesome games. Mummy Candies is one of the latest Halloween games on our site. Its gameplay is inspired by the famous Gold Miner. Your mission is to help a mummy catch as many candies as you can. Do you know that candy is also a mummy's favorite food, at least in this game?

LoL. So, each level is required you to earn a certain amount of money by catching candies underground. Each type of candies has a value and once you get one type of candies, it will be converted into money. You have 60 seconds at each level to reach that goal. However, don’t stop until time runs out. Try to collect every single candy if you can because later on, it will be harder and hard to reach the goal that the game requires you to reach.

On, as you level up, the amount of money that you have to earn increases significantly. Besides, the game will entice you to buy some power-up items after each level. Think carefully before trading. See which items are useful for completing your task and which are not. You'd better save money because the money you need to use to buy things is withdrawn from your account. And this will make it harder for you to complete the goal to the next level. Once you fail, you have to start from level 1.

So enjoy this Halloween feast with thí mummy and after that, let’s handle new challenges in other games such as Wordmeister and Knots Master 3D

Instruction to play:

Use left click to collect candies.