Smart Shapes

Smart Shapes brings a new and fun way to make the learning time more interesting and less mundane to the kids. They will enjoy this learning session with the different geometric shapes of all colors from this newly added game to the Gogy kid collection! Not only is this game available for free for kids to enjoy on all kinds of devices like the mobile, tablet, and even computer but it also has a vibrant and nice design. The color palette will also enhance the kid's creative minds, as well as making the experience more entertaining.

The game is all about distinguishing the simple, medium, and hard shapes of geometry. Different shapes can be seen anywhere in real life, therefore, being able to tell the differences and put the right things in their categories is very important. This game challenges the kids to first identify the daily items that they come across every day. Then, they will have to decide which shape that thing is and choose the correct option from a set of given options.

Usually, you will have three options to pick from, such as the shape of round, square, and triangle. More difficult shapes will pop up since the game gets harder as you play longer. Be sharp, focus, and pay attention to details to successfully identify the overall shapes of the items without failure. If you choose the wrong option, the game deducts your total scores. Each correct answer will bring the players one score. Let's find out how many scores do you need to take the top spots on the Leaderboard!

This game is not very tough, however, it takes effort and long duration to gain high scores, so consistency and endurance will get you far in this game and more games like Slimoban at

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse to choose the right item.