Round Rivals: Chicken Chopper

The cars are moving in the game Round Rivals: Chicken Chopper at jogos gogy gratis and your task is not to collide with them. You also need to collect chickens by crashing them along the way. Gold coins also appear in the game, so do not miss them. Your opponent also participates in the game. Therefore, you cannot hit them or any cars that are moving.


If you crash into other cars, the game will end immediately. Pick up the big chickens on your car and gold coins to get the highest score. The cars are different shapes are extremely lovely. Players need to increase or decrease their speed in order to avoid collisions with other cars when joining this game at gogy game play. You need to observe correctly in this game before Make the final decision and special driving skills will help you win the game more easily.


In addition, you can share games with friends and compare the highest score they have achieved to have the most relaxing moments at You will not be able to imagine driving your car until you join this game. Rotating cars can make you dizzy. Be careful, though, that other cars can appear at any time in different directions. This is one of the exciting driving games that you just need to brake or accelerate your car when joining the game.


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Instruction to play:

Controls game:

Use left or right arrow keys A or D to move or brake