BFF Ballroom Dance Outfits

Among the well-dressed girls who are participating in the dance of BFF Ballroom Dance Outfits at Gogy land, will your character stand out and become the prettiest? The title of the prom queen requires a good look, the most glamourous dress, and a completed overall look with heels and accessories. Only the girls with the best stylist can claim such a title and score in the eyes of the hot guys at the dance party.

You will be in charge of caring for the outfit coordination of these girls in the game to pick the most suitable version for each one. A wide range of styles is in the closet to guarantee the best choices for our princesses. To show that you are the best stylist among them all, let's take a look at the girl and their features before selecting the outfits or dresses that suit them the most.

There are a few famous options for styling that you can pick from, ranging from the Diva, the Pink princess to the Classic Lady. To emphasize each vibe, you need to choose the best dress and its supporting accessories. A feathered hat, long-chained earrings, and bright red heels can make all the differences when it comes to outfitting coordination.

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Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse cursor to choose the outfits for the girls.