Neon Splash

Have you tried out Neon Splash, a combination of an arcade and a puzzle game from Gogy kid games? This game aims to bring out the creativity in kids using the collection of colorful lines and various patterns. You can freely manage the movement of the frame by rotating them 360 degrees to create any patterns that you like.

Inside the frame, there are blue neon dots that fall around as you rotate. These dots will generate new margins for the pattern wherever they go. As you rotate the screen, the movements make the blue dots touch all the margins and connect the lines. Take advantage of this feature to draw up the unique lines and patterns of your own.

A total of 88 levels, each with its special shapes and lines, is waiting for you to challenge yourself. Will you be able to unlock the unknown patterns during the last levels? There is no limitation on which type of shapes and lines that you can use or make in this game at gogy kids Games The clock on the top left corner will keep track of your time progress. It's up to you to either choose what you will draw or simply go with the natural movements of the frame.

The game has a simple yet vibrant graphic design, which makes it more enjoyable even for little kids. Explore more creative games like Happy Glass Puzzle 2 and Drag N Merge without a cost!

Instruction to play:

 Use the left mouse to move the frame or tap on the mobile screen to play.