Destroy Asteroids

What would you do in space? If you want to explore the fun in an unknown environment, you should join the Destroy Asteroids game at kids gogy games. In the vast space, you need to fight. Fight bravely by shooting at asteroids and breaking their structures. However, other ships are also firing at you. Players can choose the best move and hit the asteroid.


Your shooting and movement skills must be accurate in this game. Gogygame select these shooting games for the players to love the space battle. The feats will increase your score and do not forget that you have only 3 lives. So, move skillfully in this game and do not let you get hit. If you lose, the game will end and you have to start over.


Lead the list of the best players at When you destroy the asteroids, they will turn into smaller blocks. And your task is to shoot accurately from the big one to perfect this game. Players can use up to three lives in this game if they cannot overcome all the challenges. Choose the best move you have to complete this game. Tough tasks await you ahead. Be ready for the infinite experience of space battles.


In addition, we are also constantly updating fighting games and shooting spaceships such as Enter The Back Hole. Take time to choose the game that you love the most today. 

Instruction to play:


Use the arrow keys to move and the space button to shoot