ICC T20 Worldcup

Learn how to crack a new sport game with this new online game from the list of Gogy 2022 with the name of ICC T20 Worldcup - where the tournament of multiple cricket games is taking place. You will be competing against plenty of new opponents, each from a specific country, and representing their unique style of play. Pick your representative among the batch of 8 international teams. Have you ever tried out an online game of cricket?

The main rule follows the classic gameplay and the basic rule, however, this one focuses on the part of hitting the ball only. Once you have set your position by selecting among the two positions of bail or bat before participating in the match, it's time to toss the coins to see if you can be the one to go first. Only the winner of the coin toss will be able to pick the position later in the game. Keep in mind that you need to hit the ball of the opponent if you are the batter, and throw the ball so that the other player can't hit it if you are the bailer.

Thanks to the amazing animation with 2D graphics, you can enjoy the in-field experience with a realistic setup of characters and gears for sure. Keep in mind that we give you the option of both battings, as well as bowling features in this online game at https://gogy.games/. There are more than twenty chances for you to capture the balls in this game, so do your best to hit or throw with the best technique.

All you need to know about batting is that this technique is the work of changing the position of the batter as well as the touchpoint between the bat and the balls. The purpose is to make it go as far as possible. Accuracy is the key element in this game, regardless of your position. A tip for the newbie is to tap on the screen once you see the clipper bleep above the bowler. Let's conquer this match now and advance to other sports games like Penalty Kick Wiz later!


Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to choose when to throw or bat.

Use the keyboard to change the position of the batter.