Robot Police Iron Panther

It's no easy feat to become the strongest among the Robot Police Iron Panther candidates at Gogy online, but will you take this chance to practice? For this new fighting game, all you have to do is to pull 100% of your firepower to aim at the alien monsters in space. Since they are trying to take over the Earth, we need a brave hero to bring them down from the beginning to the end.

First, you will use the scattered pieces and debris to assemble and create a robot of your own. Make sure that you calculate all statistics for it such as the firepower, shooting range, bullet loads and speed as well. After learning the instructions on the missions for each level, it's time to go against the strong aliens.

Keeping up with the alien's speed is the only way to throw punches at them. Since you are controlling a robot, keep in mind that you can switch the pieces, updates certain features to maximize the capacity and damage range for faster winning battles. Is it possible to defeat all the giant monsters with scary armies in this game at

Let's showcase your talents in fighting and be the best at the special genre of alien-defeating! Face more enemies and save the Earth in other cool games like Swamp Attack Online and Nova Defender.

Instruction to play:

Attack and aim at the monsters and aliens using the mouse button.