Airplane Puzzles

Prepare yourself for another training session and improving your logic with this new Gogy game called Airplane Puzzles! It's another amazing puzzle game that will add up to the collection of puzzles from our website with the best graphics, high-quality images, and only the best transitions from one stage to another. Playing jigsaw will definitely improve your reasoning and logic skills as you have to think and choose the best-fitted pieces to recreate the original pictures.

Three modes consisting of 25, 49, and 100 pieces will bring different challenging levels for you to explore. For newbies, go easy with the least pieces to get to know the basics of this game. Once you are ready, hit it up with the other two. Of course, more pieces equal more time required to solve them, yet it feels much more satisfied to finally wrap it up. The final puzzle of 100 pieces will be the final one to give you to prize.

Don't worry about time because the game allows the players to take the time and think it out thoroughly. If you can't remember the original frame quickly, sort the pieces out base on different criteria of colors, patterns, and images at the edge so that you can pick them up easier. Assembling should be started from the border and work your way inward. Because only a few can fit together while the rest won't, you can start with one piece, match the ones surrounding that one, and work in bigger sections slowly.

It's easy to drag the pieces and drop them around the board thanks to the mouse control of this free game at Are you curious about the difficulty level of other puzzles like Idle Ants? Let's try to reach there as soon as possible by brainstorming hard! 

Instruction to play:

Click to choose and drop the pieces.