Pixel Art 3d

It's a chance for you to tap on one of the most famous pixel art game called Pixel Art 3D. This has been newly developed and added to the free collection so that any kid with the love for art and graphics, in general, can participate in it! Not only will the players get the chance to see tons of 3D pixel arts but you also experience for the first time this new technology. It's one of the latest techs that allow players to do 3d painting on the virtual base at Gogy land.

First, take a look at the long list of models that you can choose from. Pick one that you want to paint from the categories such as animal, fashion, food, mystery, nature, ocean and even the vehicles. Whichever you pick, we guarantee the highest quality of model and details. After choosing, start learning the basics with our tutorial at http://gogy.games/. The tutorial will show the beginners the steps to paint, to zoom and move the 3D layout.

Now, it's time to start picking up the brush to paint! Choose your desired colors for each section and take advantage of the 3D pixel features to move the picture around 360 degrees. Your painting and coloring experience will be taken to another level thanks to the advanced technology which makes it much more enjoyable to play these type of coloring games.

Don't forget that we have other extra choices such as Color Balls 2 and My Slime Mixer for you to check out later. Show your creativity and painting skills! 

Instruction to play:

Drag and move the mouse to paint, choose and zoom in.