Juicy Cubes

This new Gogy 4 kid game Juicy Cubes will be an excellent gaming option to have fun with some friends during the summer thanks to such a refreshing vibe and color design! The game consists of the most colorful and fresh fruits which you are going to match. Your mission here is to match together the scattered delicious fruit in order to successfully wipe off the board with every possible fruit grouping. It's not only a fun and engaging puzzle game but the addictive motion can keep you hooked for a long time as well. The fewer moves you utilize, the more scores you will gain.

If you manage to clear the fruit in one go, be prepared to get plenty of bonus points! While maneuvering and gathering the fruit groups, keep an eye out for the in-game powerups. The rule allows groups with more than three fruit pieces that are identical to be collected. Once you clear a part, the upper part of the board will fill down to make the game continuous. How fast will you be able to complete the level and use the least amount of moves? High scores are listed on the game's Leaderboard, so let's try to see if you can break the top record and bring your name to that part!

The game helps to enhance the kid's interactive skills and quick hand movement while the board changes constantly. A variety of fruits are available, to keep a refreshing theme for the game players! How about some more summer games like Tribar and Treasures Of The Sea later to keep your playtime more exciting and enjoyable? All of our latest games will be added to https://gogy.games/puzzle, so feel free to tap on them anytime you're free!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the mouse to gather the fruit.