Erase It

Make sure to erase the right part in this game of Erase It - the new gaming option for the fans of Gogy puzzle online games! Your job in this fun game will be to erase the required parts as shown on the screen. Some additional parts are required to delete according to the description for each stage, so be flexible in the work of understanding the specs and carrying it out properly. In order to solve the puzzle, the players need to observe and place the eraser at the precise positions!

Not only is it a game to test the IQ level of the players but it's also a match of flexibility and ability to come up with the best solutions. How long will it take for a newbie to successfully pass all levels? If you are a fan of this genre, don't miss out on this free chance to explore the huge amount of unique levels with the toughest puzzles and cutest animation ever made!

The controlling setting is simple enough to let kids of all ages explore. Some higher levels will be harder to conquer, so use your intelligence and wisdom to finish them all! The few first levels are easy, however, the increase in difficulty will be overwhelming and quite challenging once you have reached the top-ranged levels.

Channel your inner creativity and unlimited mind to the max level to find the quickest way to solve all the levels. Spending time solving more of these puzzles such as Cut Grass  online at will be a thrilling and mind-blowing experience! Take the time to explore the vast world of daily-replenished games with a variety of subgenres to spice up the gaming time for a bit! 

Instruction to play:

Click and move the mouse cursor to erase the designated parts.