Jake The Snake

This game of Jake the Snake will be your next Gogy arcade favorite game thanks to the colorful graphics, cute animation, and easy yet fascinating gameplay. The kids will get to tackle a new journey with this little snake who is trying to grow as long as possible before reaching the exit gate to move onto the next level. In order to get to the exit door, you will need to gather all the available fruit pieces on the path.

The only way to figure out how to get him to the exit without dropping into the water is to avoid the dangerous objects. If you can eat all the stars on a level, not only will you be able to enable the exit portal but you can also pass through with the top scores.

For each star or fruit piece that Jake eats, his length will increase by one dot. The longer the snake is, the more chances there are to collide or crash into the obstacles that are scattered on the platform. A tip for the newbies is that you can use the stars as a booster to support Jake.

There's also an additional feature in the game that allows the players to reset the progress. This shall result in relocking all the levels except for the first level so that you can replay the whole thing. Start this new quest by tapping on the free category of gogy.games/, and don't forget that there're rooms to explore for other cool games like Fruit War later as well! 

Instruction to play:

Move using the WASD or arrow keys,

or tap and swipe on tablet/ mobiles to control.