Jelly Battle

Jelly Battle is all about conquering this most beautiful pet jelly puzzle game which is a combination of puzzle game and interactive game: Jelly Battle! This Gogy kid game will allow the players to participate in the jelly virtual world where each player is in charge of his or her jelly pet. Take care of the feeding, cleaning, taking over the new food pieces, and winning games! This little jelly pet needs your attention and you need to carry out different tasks to make sure that it's fed. For newbies, learn how to customize it and generate the cutest look possible! The few first requests require energy, which is extracted from the given energy bar that you can see on the top of the screen.

The bar fills up whenever you win a minigame. If the love bar is empty, the energy shall restore more slowly. Join the game center to battle other players on the new platform of capturing tiles. By winning more and more matches, kids can earn cool stuff, clothes, and fashion items for their jelly pet. Winning a battle will not be easy since the rule is not too simple. Occupy more tiles than the opponents to win. If you get stuck with no further room to move, you lose. Keep an eye out for a fruity delight, which is the fruit you can collect to feed your blob!

Explore this pet system with more than 40 unique levels, each with its unique layout, mechanism, love meter bar, and set of challenges. Swipe the area and gather the most edible items to feed your blob and grow. Keep an eye out for three special unlockable skins that will be the highlight of your collection! Once participating in the battle mode, spread the jelly on all tiles possible to claim more territories. More puzzle games here at such as Skydom Reforged or Hidden Magic OG also come in multiple difficulty-increasing levels for you to explore. 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact and move the jelly.