Elated Snail Escape

For the fans of the escape room, enjoy the virtual version of this classic genre here at Elated Snail Escape at Gogy online 2020! In the midst of the lockdown, this game will bring a new opportunity for gamers to have fun with a realistic and safe escape room type of game from their living room. This game is listed in the free game section from our website, therefore, don't hesitate to dive into it immediately.

The story is all about a little elated snail who got lost and stuck in the palace while looking for food. Your task shall be to help the poor snail to search for the shortest way out while keeping on collecting the food. Keep in mind that the top priority in this game is to get out as soon as possible, therefore, don't get too greedy when it comes to gathering food pieces. There will always be hidden hints, clues, and signs that you can pick up here and there. Use them to come up with the code or the solution for the locks, puzzles, and door keys.

Search all nook and cranny to find all the scattered clues before brainstorming and coming up with the solution. It might not be easy since they are hidden in the hard-to-spot locations. Fill up your basket with items, tools, and clues first, then you will find them handy later in the higher stages. The game will test your ability to solve puzzles and quizzes while being under pressure.

Patience and observation are the two most crucial virtues to get you and your snail out of this palace at http://gogy.games/. Follow the hints if necessary and take your chance seriously to win the game! Pick out some of your favorites from the list of puzzles like Repair It and Sugar Heroes with a similar theme! 

Instruction to play:

Choose and interact with the puzzle using the left mouse button.