Roll The Block

It's time to flip the blocks and get these strangely-shaped blocks to their right places! How many moves would it take for you to finish it? Roll The Block from Gogy 2022 new game is a casual puzzle game with unique gameplay for kids who love something classic and easy to grasp. Despite the simple fundamental rules, you will have to brainstorm quite a bit to make sure your scores are the highest.

In this exciting puzzle, you will do the task of folding blocks in different layouts and finishing the challenge. Only by putting the blocks to their perfectly-fitted blanks will you be able to move on to the next stages. Be ready to flip and move then in an instant once the game starts! At first, it's just the work of properly unfolding your blocks and moving them towards the space on a clear board.

As you progress to tougher stages, you will find that there are obstacles and hidden tiles on the board that you can not flip your blocks to that specific direction or put the blocks on them. Do your best to discover the right moves and the path to clear the level to enjoy the satisfaction of puzzling! It's not only a fun and smart game for kids to train their brain but the colorful graphics and 3D design will open up new ways of learning geometry.

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Instruction to play:

Click on the block and drag the mouse to flip it towards the direction that you want.