Castel Runner

While being on the run in this Gogy kid game: Castel Runner, the players need to constantly stay focus on the upcoming obstacles and conquer the blocks like a champ! Your job is to keep running through all the stages, cells, levels, and rooms inside the mysterious castle while searching for both the treasure and the way out.

For easy blocks, you can simply remove it, jump over it, or push it down the hole. However, for harder obstacles like the spikes, the rotating and moving blocks, be patient, and come up with a good plan to move. Choose to jump to dodge them or to overcome them by breaking them apart. However you do, keep in mind the ultimate goal of staying alive for the longest time.

Don't miss out on any golden stars because they will determine your final scores after having conquered a certain number of stages. If you haven't been familiar with the gameplay, take it slow by learning through the tutorial first. As you run to the dark corners of the castle, you will find tons of surprising challenges that require more than just jumping and dodging techniques.

Without any interruption, this exciting adventure from will be an amazing selection for even adults to spend their leisure time. Keep exploring the world of games with tons of different genres and good games like LA Rex and US Police Prisoner Transport

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow key to move the main character, mouse cursor to interact and choose.