Pixel Archer Save The Princess

Hold the arrow properly and take your shot using the old-schooled arrow and bow! Pixel Archer Save The Princess challenges not only your ability to find the shortest solution to open up the exit door but it also poses a new requirement to think outside of the box. The solution might not always be to shoot at one exact target. Sometimes, in order to open one door, you will need to shoot at another handle, item or interact with more features in the game.

This amazing arcade and adventure gaming selection will be a good option if you always dream of becoming the archer hero in the kingdom who is in charge of saving the beautiful and gentle princess. Our lovely lady is in trouble, and only by facing all the enemies and warriors along the way will you be able to bring her home safely.

At each stage, there will be one or two leverages that can open the doors for exiting. If you aim properly and target those leverages, you can succeed in opening up the doors by yourself. You can only use a few arrows per stage, therefore, aim carefully so as not to waste any single one of them. Don't forget to check out the balloons that scatter and float around the stage randomly as each of these balloons has an important function for changing the specs, the features of your main character.

Take advantage of as many boosters and new items as possible to enjoy the gaming session of your life! It's your chance to become the hero of the game with lots and lots of rewards online, along with the freedom to explore tons of other games like Super Tank War as well. 

Instruction to play:

Click on the direction and the target spot to shoot.