Cube Endless Jumping

How far can this bouncy little cube reach? Will you join the Cube Endless Jumping in this endless jumping game where only the most consistent players can perform well. The duty is to jump as high as possible! As you jump, there will be some notice that you have to remember to gain more scores. It's crucial that you stay away from the birds and balloons because these things will make the cube fall down. Can you see the pieces of food scattered around?

That's what you need to eat! Keep eating more and more food for the highest scores possible. Such an adorable setting with the different characters like the birds, balloons, clouds with smooth draw lines will make the gaming experience much better. Who wouldn't love such a sweet themed game which is even available for free at This game comes with a unique feature.

There are two separate scoring systems on two sides of the screen, each to keep track of one individual record. The one on the left will show you the number of blocks that you moved up, while the one on the right demonstrates the number of food that the cube consumes. Orange-colored background turn up the excitement in the game for the kids!

Simple as it sounds, the speed of the cube increases significantly after a while, therefore, focus and adaptation are two necessary quality to be the best player. We have plenty of other games with the same theme for you such as Zoo Run and Emoji Pong

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse, the arrow keys or tilt the screen on mobile to move the cube.