Moon City Stunt

The mission of creating new stunt models and perform them well is not an easy feat, especially when you are driving on one of the most special tracks in Moon City Stunt, the new game from Gogy kid games! Choose from the two modes of Free Driving and Racing. The first one will give you a breeze as you dash through the tracks freely and without any requirements.

Free Driving is the perfect game mode for the free-spirit who is off for new exploration. Cruise freely and enjoy the sceneries as well as the futuristic settings of the game before tackling any challenges. If you are more of a competitor, let's go with Racing for an exciting racing match with the best driver in this game. Moreover, for each mode, we provide both options of 1 and 2 players so that the players can either tackle the track alone or compete with his or her friend.

Are you ready to race and drive to the future period? There are 5 stunt routines which are also the 5 missions that racers have to overcome to conquer the top title. Some of the upcoming challenges that the racers will encounter are spiral roads, bumpy hills, teleport gates, and space bowling!

Another highlight of this game from is that players can take control of the gravity by using the Gravity System. Use this wisely and you can take advantage of the physics laws and show that your high-end skills can shine everywhere, including the Moon surface! Don't miss out on more racing games like Burnin Rubber 5 XS with the latest car models! 

Instruction to play:

PLAYER 1 moves with arrow keys, use nitro with N key, look back using B key.

PLAYER 2 moves with W, A, S, D keys, use nitro with T key, look back with C key, respawn with R key.