Who? brings a brand new type of casual puzzle that is available online for all kids without any cost and with an entertaining theme from Gogy land. The goal of this match is to use the given hints to come up with the right guess of the character. There is more than one tip given to you throughout the progress of the level, however, it requires a bit of brainstorming in order to come up with the correct answer.

The shorter time you take, the higher your score will be. Keep the streak for as long as possible to figure out the mentioned character within the shortest time frame. For newbies, we recommend that you check out the characteristics of each people in order to get used to them, which in turn increases the chance of guessing correctly at the first trial.

For each turn, the player shall get a character card that is waiting for him or her to unlock. Use the hints, requirements, and features written on the card to choose one character that is closest to any hint or description that you manage to get. Make sure to pick carefully before inputting your choice to avoid wasting a chance.

Any mistake or wrong guess will deduce a bit from your scores, therefore, stay focused and avoid choosing randomly too many times. Keep unlocking all the characters in this classroom and see how high you can get on the ranking board! Continue to explore the other newly added free choices with a variety of themes such as Link The Numbers from the list of https://gogy.games/, all available to you without any additional cost!


Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to choose and select the character that you think is most suitable for the description.