Arrow Master

Do you like bows and arrows? If you are not good at shooting the arrows and want to train more, come to Arrow Master to learn the basics and become the master of the arrows. Arrow Master online is an addictive simulation game in which your main mission is to shoot the arrows at the targets and get the highest score in the game. But there is a plot twist which is developed by GOgy games.

For each level, you need to succeed in shooting all the available arrows, but you can't hit the previous arrows on the board. Moreover, the board is always spinning at a stable rate so it can make you feel dizzy. This game is designed quite simple, but the game is extremely fun and we can't stop playing it. With this game online gogy, there are many benefits for players such as improving their skills to aim, the ability to locate the target and choosing the perfect timing. It's really important to avoid all other arrows because once they collide, the game is over. Since the gameplay is really easy and simple, the players can't stop playing it!

Do you want to join them at Gogy for school? As you proceed in the game, the difficulty level will increase slowly. How many levels can you pass in with excellent scores at Play some attractive games such as Artillery Rush 2 and Knights Diamond online for free!

Instruction to play:

Click the mouse to shoot at the spinning board.