Rock Paper Scissors

One of the most famous games for kids in their childhood must be Rock Paper Scissors, or also called Roshambo. Now in this new virtual version of Gogy puzzle game, you can compete with another real opponent from another country on this platform. The goal remains unchanged as you need to figure out the best moves to beat your opponent in the shortest timeframe. The players who manage to score 3 first shall be the winner of the match, however, the higher you play, the harder it is to win.

The reason is that more advanced players and harder patterns of thinking will show up. There are three icons for you to choose from: the rock, paper, and scissors. Each of these icons can defeat one another, but only when you choose the right one. Both players will make their choices at the same time and no one knows what the other person is selecting.

Once the time is up, the game will show both options to see who wins the turn. Such a simple rule can create quite an interesting and exciting game of rock, paper, scissors. Sometimes, intelligence is not all that contributes to your win. Luck can be quite an important element in this game at as well. If you can guess your opponent's next move, it will give you quite an advantage to win the game.

Enjoy the realistic and dynamic 2D graphics of this arcade online game and don't forget to share with your friends if you find it interesting! This game is for the player who prefers a relaxing and one-by-one game. But if you are a fan of teamwork and multiplayer games, keep on exploring the new games with some options like Snake Balls Block Breaker.  

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses A, S, D keys

Player 2 uses J, K, L keys.