Double Streetfight

From the new gaming collection at Gogy 2020, Double StreetFight emerges as one of the latest gaming choices which are perfect for the fans of classic fighting games. With the pixelated graphics, colorful and bright visual effects, this game will bring tons of entertaining fights to your free time. It's not just a game where you go up against 1 player online. In this multiplayer-campaigned game, the kids can either choose to go with the team mode or the single-player mode. The limit for a team is up to 8 people, so you can freely gather your group of friends to share the game.

The rule is that you will take up the fight with enemy bots to win a total of three missions. Different missions have different targets and difficulty levels to guarantee the diversity of the game. While finding the errors and loopholes in the enemy's movements, make sure to collect coins as you manage to knock down the opponent. These coins will fall like rain once you deliver the final hit!

You can use those to purchase updates and new costumes to make your character stand out among the others in this game from our website at Don't miss out on this discord and explore the world of streetfight masters with more games for free such as Neon Invaders! Be creative with your movement and learn how to coordinate different moves together to make your signature kicks and punches. 

Instruction to play:

Move using arrows

Z key to punch or double punch

X key to kick or escape

C key to guard your position

V key to grab items

Spacebar to jump.

Combine the keys to deliver a composition of movements like punch and move or kick and punch at the same time!