Link The Numbers

For the fans of puzzle games at Gogy 2022, this new game of Link The Numbers will easily be your next favorite game thanks to the simple-ruled yet challenging gameplay! In order to clear all 1500 levels of this game, the players will need the best mathematics and problem-solving skill when it comes to connecting the numbers. There is a rule for connecting the numbers that you need to follow.

A level is cleared when there is a correct path that links all numbers on the wooden board. Some numbers are fixed at their positions and can't be moved. The rest are placed under the grid and at your disposal. Feel free to select the number that you would like to place on the board and start connecting them. Go from the first number of 1 to the last. Make sure that when you are done, all numbers are placed neatly on the board and are all connected in the right order from the smallest to the largest.

Don't make any mistakes and match the numbers of random values or else you will not be able to conquer the levels as soon as possible! Once you grasped the rules and the basic setting of this game at, you will find that it's not too difficult yet challenging enough to make the game time more fun and interesting!

There are a lot of levels available for free that kids of all ages who love this genre can check out! A total of 80 level packs, filled with different star scoring will be available for you to explore. Tons of other fun games like Gogy puzzle games will easily make your time sharing with online friends better and better with this variety of genres and themes. Keep exploring with some games like Coffee Stack for a blast! 

Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse to place the numbers.