Walk Master

Walk Master will be the perfect choice if you are looking for a simple game with hard-enough challenges that will keep you laughing all the way! Avoiding stepping on the puddle of poops in this game will be your ultimate goal. The players control their pair of legs on a very high set of cranes. It's not only your job to control the movements step by step to refrain from juggling or falling but also to aim correctly.

Only step on the watermelons to fill up the energy bar and enter the god mode. Even if you step on one poop, the turn will be over immediately. It's fun and hilarious to play with your friends while competing to see who will step on those ugly puddles first. Also, you can compete for the highest scores using the Leaderboard at http://gogy.games/. As the gameplay, rules, and operation in this game are quite easy, it will be entertaining and enjoyable even for newcomers.

Can you see the button on the right side of the game screen that says "Skin"? With this option, you can change the skin or the color of the shoes to make it more interesting from time to time. Keep check of the progress using the top bar that represents the energy level on the screen. The longer you hold the button, the further the leg will go, however, it can only reach a certain length. Don't go overboard if you don't want your turn to end abruptly.

Let's find out how long you can maintain the god mode and achieve a high score! Will you be the next Walk Master to conquer the game? New and refreshing summer games like Monster Match and Catch The Thief 3D are available for you at our gaming collection for free! 

Instruction to play:

Click and hold the left button to control the leg.