Funny Food Duel

When it comes to sharing the food, it's not strange that the cats and dogs are not fond of sharing. In this hilarious game of Funny Food Duel, we invite the players to Gogy land to have a blast while fighting for food at the highest pace possible! Not only is it an entertaining game with cute graphics and adorable characters but you will find the two players mode amazing for sharing with friends and family.

This is a new arcade game in which these two characters will face off to get the food. There is a food plate showing up in the middle of the platform as the main goal for grabbing. You will go head to head with a CPU or your friend in the fight to pick up the food coming out of the cloche plate. Do your best to become faster at capturing the food and get the most to your side to win the most matches possible.

First, pick the game modes among the two and select the avatar of the characters that you like. Once it's set, you can start competing in the battle to catch food. The minute the plate opens, do your best to grab the most food that you can in order to gain the top scores with the biggest pieces.

There are some rotted food or frozen ones showing up from time to time. Keep an eye on them to avoid grabbing any of that not-so-delicious food. The more scores you get, the more chances you can gain to unlock new characters from the board. Get your paws on the cloche plate faster than your opponent in this game from! We have a new list of games with the coolest choices such as Go Go Panda for your entertainment!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Control using A or mouse cursor, or D and the left arrow.