Bird In Danger

Another brain wrecked game combined with the balance requirement of Bird In Danger will bring the most interesting theme to the list of your new favorite games. Come to Gogy fun games to explore this online game with the beautiful white bird. This is an endangered species that are on the verge of extinct. Your job in this simple thinking game is to help this little bird to fall into his nest safely without any trouble.

The bird is standing on many objects stacking upon each other and it needs you to help remove the objects one by one. Make sure that the balance is kept throughout the level because one simple tumbling of an item can make the bird flip off the edge. Keep in mind that you can enjoy this addictive puzzle game anywhere you like as long as you can get your hands on a tablet or a PC.

It's an outstanding choice for kids to learn how to develop solution thinking and practice motion coordination in a delicate game. Train your mind and enjoy the thrilling of hanging objects being handled with the utmost care in this game from! One click on any object will make them pop and be removed from the screen. This means that you need to calculate the timing to pop an item or a set of items properly to keep the white bird in the center of the screen. 

If you can keep the bird on a straight line upwards of the nest, it's easier to drop it. Gather the courage to explore other games of adventure and action-based themes such as Divide with your friends! Different skills and techniques will be required for separated games, so adjust and adapt accordingly!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Click on the items to pop them.